● Ava Gregory ● 15 ● The Lost ● Left Behind: Riley Gregory ● FC: Isabelle Fuhrman ● OPEN ● 

→ Introducing, Ava Gregory.

Everyone that were lucky enough to get to meet Ava always agreed on one thing: this girl was such a sweetheart. The younger sister of Riley Gregory was probably the most charming 15 year-old you’d ever come across. Ava’s biggest strength, not counting her amazing smile that would melt the heart of anyone in a near-by radius, was her academics, which was how she took credit for her hard-working and sedulous personality. Whereas Riley excels in volleyball, Ava got straight As and took a number of Advanced Placement classes in school, even though she was only a Freshman in high school - especially subjects like Maths and Geometry were interesting to her because of her huge fascination with Architecture. She dreamt of becoming an Architect when she grew up, and her ultimate goal was to contribute a design of hers to the infamous New York skyline.

If you ever needed help with something, no matter what it is, you could always count on Ava to offer a helping hand, and you could be sure she’d do the absolute best of her abilities when solving whatever task was put in front of her - that was just who she was. Ava never did something half-way and always put her whole into whatever she set her mind to, especially when it came to her schoolwork or when she was helping out others. Ava was very independent and didn’t ask for help nearly as much as she gave her time away to help others, and she had a definite curious streak to her. She liked gossiping and gushing about other people, which could get on some people’s nerves but it was hard for the most of them to stay mad at her for long if she had said something rude about them and they had found out. After September 11th, nobody could mention enough times how unfair it was for a girl with such promise of living a succesful life when she was set to grow up to die that young.  

→ The story of how Ava left Riley.

It was early in the morning when Ava woke up on a completely normal schoolday, and she quickly got ready to leave the house before popping into her sister’s room to say goodbye to a bedridden Riley. The two exchanged a few sentences of small talk before telling the other the usual “I love you” before Ava went out the door. The brunette hadn’t been this excited to go to school for a long time - she was going with her class on a trip to Manhattan to see the World Trade Center, two buildings which Ava had admired from the outside many times but never had she gotten the chance to see the magnificent buildings from the inside. That chanve had now been given to her, and she couldn’t keep the smile off of her face as she sat next to a classmate in the bus on the one hour drive to go from her hometown in southern Conneticut to the Big Apple. Once they reached their destination, Ava almost sprinted inside to get her first look at the entrance hall of the northern Twin Tower. Half an hour later, however, a plane hit the tower, and Ava and all of her classmates plus two supervising teachers and a guide showing them around were trapped on the 6th floor with no way to get out for almost two hours before the tower collapsed on top of them. 

→ Second Chances.

'If I ever saw Riley again, I'd tell her how she's made the little time I had on this planet so worthwhile, and how I wouldn't have spent it being anybody else's sister. She's my best friend in the entire world, and I can't imagine how much pain I'd be in if I were in her place. I'd tell her to stay strong and to live her life exactly the way she would've if I was still with her - maybe even better than that, actually. Riley has lost me, but she doesn't have to lose herself.' — Ava Gregory.

→ Personality Traits:

● Loyal ● Selfless ● Diligent ● Helpful ● Curious ● Smart ●